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Enforcer locks

Enforcer locks

Receive a free high-security “Enforcer” cylinder lock and three keys. No one else has a key to that lock—only you.

A/C in Units

Climate Control

Our state-of-the-art climate controlled units maintain a temperature of approximately 65-77 degrees, protecting your stored items.

Alarmed Units

Alarmed Units

Each unit is individually alarmed, this high-tech security feature allows you access by using a unique code for your storage unit.

Monitered Surveillance

Safe & Secure

Proguard facilities are secured with monitered video cameras located at the point of entry and exit and other areas around the facility.

Monitered Surveillance


Proguard combines the security and technology of national chains with the graciousness, flexibility and service of a privately-owned, family-run company.

Monitered Surveillance

Friendly Service

Proguard facilities provide the utmost in ease, from delivery acceptance to free loading carts, we aim to remain first choice in Houston storage!


Personal Storage

Reclaim your space. Whether you’re moving or just trying to get a little more space, we’ve got the self storage solution.

Reclaim your space, free up some room!

Business Storage

Experience the convenience of your own Houston storage warehouse with easy access and no long-term commitment.

Your own Houston storage warehouse.

Vehicle Storage

Need to store your car, boat or RV in Houston? Enclosed self storage units keep your options open and your vehicle secure.

Store your car, boat or RV in Houston.

Wine Storage

Wine Storage by Proguard™ is the ideal environment for safeguarding your valuable wine collection.

Safeguard your valuable wine collection.

Not sure what size you need?

Try our storage calculator and find the right size unit for you!
Risk Free: Reserve a room risk-free with no obligation. You may change your unit size even on the day you move in!

Customer Reviews

Everyone with Proguard was a delight to deal with. The original lease was clear, quick and fair. First month prorated, only $20.00 deposit, quick lease termination at the end. They even returned my deposit. In person or on the phone highly professional....

Donald Foster

Google Review, 12/7/2020

Connie was beyond helpful with our move today. We had to add a unit last minute when we realized our current unit wasn’t big enough, and she made it so easy. All with a smile on her face!


Google Review, 8/10/2022

Ms. Connie was so helpful with everything and the facility is very clean . I recommend coming here .


Google Review, 4/30/2022

This was the perfect place to store my things in between moves. The staff was always friendly and professional. The location was perfect. Moving in and out was super easy. I was very happy with everything!

Lindsay Schuman

Google Review, 11/24/2020

Value and quality of facility, security, and superb, caring service from Helen and Dan (Property Managers) all work together to provide the lessee with a great experience. I had four 30-40 foot units, including hi-bays since Hurricane Harvey damaged...

Steve Erbstoesser

Google Review, 2/25/2022

Moving Supplies

We carry a full line of boxes and packing supplies, for your one-stop shopping convenience.
Moving Supplies


In a city such as Houston, renowned for its heat and humidity, climate-controlled storage is a welcome option for those who are considering long-term storage. From books, to upholstered furniture, antiques and electronics, our harsh climate can wreak havoc on these items. A climate-controlled environment such as what we offer at Proguard can protect your personal belongings from mold, mildew, and rust. Yes, a climate-controlled unit is more expensive than a regular unit, but protecting your belongings from the Houston humidity is worth it!
When it concerns storage units in Houston, the bigger they are, the more expensive they will be. But that's not the only factor that affects the price. Location can also dramatically affect the cost of a unit and climate-control and additional security features. For more information on our units' pricing, click here to learn more about the range of different units Proguard offers.
In general, living things such as animals cannot be stored in our units. Nor can perishable items that could decompose, such as food or plants. As well as unauthorized or illegal goods such as firearms without the proper permits, drugs, and hazardous materials including flammable liquids and explosives.

Yes, there are one-month free storage deals in Houston. But be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. Not all offers are the same.

Many storage facilities offer the one-month free with no minimum stay. Yet, the one-month free usually refers to rent only. That's why you should expect to pay an administrative fee, plus insurance.

As with all special promotions, read the small print to ensure these deals are legitimate and not scams.

Traditionally the smallest storage unit, which is 5ft X 5ft in size, varies in price per month depending on where it is located in the Houston area. Anything smaller would be a locker that measures 5ft x 5ft x 5ft and costs a bit less per month than the unit. Again, the price difference depends on where it is located in the city.
No. You can store your personal belongings any way you want. Though boxes are often one of the easiest ways to store items and transport them to and from your home. We recommend using boxes to make the most of your unit space and reduce the risk of damage. We sell a range of boxes and packag-ing materials in our store. However, if you have an easier way of doing things, please do what is most comfortable to safely transport your belongings to your self-storage unit.