Self Storage in Bunker Hill

As one of the upscale communities in western Houston that comprise Memorial Villages, Bunker Hill is definitely one of the best. One of the wealthiest spots in the Lone Star State, it was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the best places to retire. With its proximity to Memorial City, those who love shopping will find themselves right at home in Bunker Hill. Filled with beautiful homes that are surrounded by plenty of greenspaces, the area attracts people from across the nation and the world. With plenty of people choosing to call this community home each year, many have the need to rent storage units in Bunker Hill, which is where Proguard comes in. Whether residents need to store their clothing, sports equipment, furniture, or even motor vehicles or valuable bottles of wine, they can do so in our climate-controlled, secure, and clean self storage Bunker Hill units. Once they're finished with this task, there is plenty more to do and see in Bunker Hill.

Wooden City of Bunker Hill Village Sign
Source: City of Bunker Hill

Dining and Entertainment

Since most folks who move to Bunker Hill are wanting to enjoy themselves as much as possible, dining and entertainment options are quite important to them. In the Bunker Hill area, there is certainly no shortage of options from which to choose. Since the area is widely acclaimed for its mix of international restaurants and cuisines, you can have a wonderful meal at Ciro's Italian Grill, a Mexican feast at Fiesta Restaurant & Cantina, or maybe head to the Polonia Restaurant for an authentic Polish meal, which should of course be washed down with the restaurant's very popular Polish beer.

While you'll never have any trouble finding a great-tasting meal in and around Bunker Hill, you may have problems deciding which entertainment options to choose, since there are so many. If you are like many residents, you may find yourself making regular trips to the Marq*E Entertainment Center to have some fun at Dave & Buster's. Once there, you can play Skee-Ball or Pop-a-Shot, watch your favorite team on television while you grab a delicious hamburger topped with buffalo chicken, or just unwind at the end of the day by enjoying happy hour, which features beer and wine specials as well as half-price cocktails.

Beautiful Plate with Food and Wine at a Restaurant

Shopping and Outdoors

As was stated earlier, those who love shopping will love the Bunker Hill area. While many residents love wandering through the many local shops found at Village Plaza, you can also head to Memorial City Mall to find plenty of local as well as national stores. However, once you make it to City Centre, chances are you'll become a regular visitor very quickly. An open-air shopping plaza, you'll be able to not only find plenty of great deals as you shop, but also enjoy live music and many other special events throughout the year.

When the time comes to get outdoors and soak up some Houston sunshine, you can take your pick of many beautiful Bunker Hill parks. While many residents have plenty of fun at Briargrove Park and Susan C. Kellner Pocket Park, many adults and kids alike can't get enough of Agnes Moffitt Park, which features covered basketball courts, a swimming pool, and a fun yet challenging disc golf course that will satisfy your kids as well as the inner kid in yourself.

Groceries for Everyone

If you are like more and more people today, you want variety when it comes to what you and your family eat. Once you're living in the Bunker Hill area, you'll be able to find foods from all over the world that are just minutes away from your home. While popular destinations for many residents include such well-known national chains as Trader Joe's, Costco, and Whole Foods, many also make it a point to stop by the array of local international specialty grocers. One of the most popular in all of Houston is the 99 Ranch Market, a traditional Asian market that will leave you in awe at its wide selection of exotic fruits and other foods. For many shoppers, a trip to 99 Ranch is not complete unless they leave with the store's fish that is considered to be sushi-quality and some Jack Fruit, an exotic delicacy you have to taste to believe.

Bunker Hill Real Estate

If you've asked yourself whether or not the Bunker Hill area is safe, the answer is a resounding yes. Noted for its low crime rate and family-friendly atmosphere, Bunker Hill real estate is some of the most sought-after in the Houston area. Whether you desire an older home that has plenty of history or a new home in a recently developed subdivision, you can find it in Bunker Hill. In fact, its parks are recognized as being some of the safest in Texas, where parents feel confident they can let their kids run free to play as they wish. Since so many communities in the area have parks located in them or nearby, the area is a prime real estate market for not only young families, but also retirees who have grandkids visiting now and then.

Large White House in The Bunker Hill Neighborhood of Houston

If you long for the days of living in an area where you know you and your family will be safe, Bunker Hill is for you. With so much to do and see, one look around will confirm your thoughts that Bunker Hill is indeed a Lone Star State paradise.

It’s time to start thinking about taking care of your storage needs. Whether you want to finally have a place to store things, get some unused computers out of the way at your office, or stash some clothes and furniture until you get a bit more moved in to your new home in Bunker Hill, establish a partnership with us here at Proguard. Since we have been recognized year after year as the best in the storage industry, you'll be able to rest easy, knowing your possessions are in our capable hands.