Self Storage in Fourth Ward

Whether you are new to Houston or a long-time resident, learning what makes the Fourth Ward area so special is a must. Located inside the 610 Loop west of downtown, the Fourth Ward is part of the Montrose and Midtown communities that offer residents a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Rated as one of the top areas in Texas for young professionals, the Fourth Ward area finds itself being an urban area where millennials and others live on the outskirts of the busy downtown area of Houston. Because of this, self-storage is always in high demand, which is why Proguard is such a smart choice when needing self-storage in the Fourth Ward near Houston for furniture, electronics, or virtually anything else. Located at 224 W. Gray Street, dropping off or picking up items is easy, safe, and always convenient.

An Area Rich in History

One of the most important areas for African-Americans in Houston, the Fourth Ward is always rich in history. When in this area, paying a visit to the Rutherford B.H. Yates Museum should be a top priority. Part of the Educational and Cultural Corridor Park, the museum's six houses are all protected landmarks, designed by African-American architects, and constructed by African-American contractors.

Along with this historical landmark, you might also want to visit the African-American Library at the Gregory School, which is operated by the Houston Public Library. With a multitude of historical information about the city's African-American community, it's well worth taking some time to visit and enjoy.

Front Entrance And Sign To The African-American Library At The Gregory School In Houston, Texas
Source: Houston Public Library

Fun in the Fourth Ward

After you have stopped by your Proguard storage units in the Fourth Ward of Houston, you're no doubt ready to have some fun in the Fourth Ward and Midtown area. If so, you're in luck, since there is plenty of fun waiting to be had all around. In fact, this area is often referred to as a "social oasis" for its diverse entertainment options. For example, on Thursday nights you can visit Little Woodrow's for some fast-paced turtle racing, which always draws a crowd. But if you are more in the mood for sophistication, spending time at the Nouveau Art Bar will have you gazing at the vast array of stained-glass chandeliers.

Should you be longing for some laughs, plan on catching a performance at the Midtown Arts & Theater Center, which regularly features comedies, musicals, and much more. But before your big plans, you may want to get yourself looking even more fantastic than you already do, which is why you should stop by either the Kat's Meow or Big Kat's so you can hit the town styling and profiling better than anyone else.

Grass Area Of Little Woodrow’s In Houston, Texas WIth Cornhole Games, A Swing, And Patio Seating
Source: Beaumont Enterprise

Fourth Ward Food

Once you start learning about the Fourth Ward, you'll quickly realize the many different places to eat in this part of Houston will keep your taste buds excited each and every day. Should you be craving gumbo or other specialties found in and around New Orleans, you'll become a regular at Lil N'awlins Creole and Cajun Cuisine. But if you're just waking up and eager to have a hearty breakfast before you visit your Proguard storage unit, head to The Breakfast Klub. A multi-award winner for its great dishes, you can choose from chicken and waffles, bacon and eggs, and plenty of other foods that will give you a full stomach and a wide smile on your face.

A Day in the Park

Since this part of Houston is known as being very walkable, more and more people find their way to local parks on a daily basis. If you want to join them, you can head to Wiley Park or the spacious Midtown Park. Featuring a playground for the kids and plenty of picnic tables and benches, it's the perfect spot to spend your lunch hour or several hours on a weekend. Also, Midtown Park has its very own dog park, meaning you can also have your four-legged friend with you in the great outdoors.

A Small Pond With Trees And A Bridge Looking Over It In Midtown Park In Houston, Texas
Source: Midtown Houston

Things to Do in the Fourth Ward

Leading the busy life that you do in Houston, you naturally want to live and work in an area where shopping options are plentiful. In the Fourth Ward and Midtown area, you can take your pick of shopping options. For starters, should you need a few groceries on your way home from a local park or perhaps your Proguard storage units in the Fourth Ward of Houston, you can stop by Midtown Market, or even get some fresh fruits, vegetables, and more at Freedmen's Town Farmer's Market.

If you want to browse and perhaps purchase some vintage or antique goods, you can do this while hanging out at the renovated Midtown Park complex. But while all of this going here and there will give you some exercise, you may want to get a bit more fit, which is when you stop in Paper Street Crossfit or Method Pilates.

With its many new developments in recent years and influx of young professionals and families that find themselves needing the extra space afforded them by Proguard Midtown self storage units in Houston, the Fourth Ward and Midtown area showcases all that makes Houston so unique within the Lone Star State. From dining at the Bludorn Restaurant or Seaside Lounge to listening to some great live music, you'll never be bored in the Fourth Ward.