Self Storage in Hyde Park

One of Houston's oldest and most historic neighborhoods, Hyde Park showcases both the older aspects of the city as well as what's new. Very accessible due to it being located in the Inner Loop, you can find vintage homes and those that have been recently constructed. As for its business community, it's home to over 3,500 businesses of various sorts, putting everything residents need within easy walking distance or just a short drive away. This includes self storage units in Hyde Park Houston at Proguard, since there is a convenient location at 224 W. Gray Street that features the finest self storage facility Hyde Park Houston has to offer. Highly-secure, well-maintained, and offering climate-controlled storage units in various sizes, businesses and individuals alike regularly use Proguard to store furniture, electronics, clothing, and so much more. And speaking of so much more, let's take a closer look at the other wonderful aspects of the Hyde Park area.

What are Some Fun Things to Do in Hyde Park?

No matter your interests, you'll always find something fun to do in the Hyde Park area. If you love getting outdoors, you can take your pick of various local parks including Cherryhurst Park, Lamar Park, or West Gray Park. But should you be a new resident of Houston, you'll really get to know and appreciate the city's history by taking a walking tour courtesy of Preservation Houston, which is guided by lifelong residents who make the tour informative and fun at the same time.

Should you be feeling a bit more adventurous and want to learn what the future holds in store for you, go a bit further into the Montrose area and sit down with a local palm reader, who will help unlock the mysteries of life. After learning what path in life to take, you can begin by shopping in nearby vintage clothing stores, where you're sure to find something that's just your style.

Large Oak Trees Covering A Playground Area In Cherryhurst Park In Houston, Texas
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All About the Nightlife

While "I Love the Nightlife" was an anthem of the late 1970s disco scene in Houston and across the U.S., you'll be thinking the same thing once you discover the many attractions in Hyde Park and Montrose. In fact, "dare to be different" is the attitude of those who love the Montrose and Hyde Park area. For your first stop of the evening, it is suggested you give the Anvil Bar & Refuge a try. Featuring over 100 specialty cocktails, you can find whatever your heart desires. However, if goth is your true passion, stop in Numbers, which has been a Houston hangout for over three decades.

White Brick Wall With “Anvil Bar & Refuge” And The Address Painted In Black Letters
Source: Houston Press

The Most Exciting Food

Much to the surprise of those who are new to Houston, the city was recently named the nation's "Most Exciting Food City" by Tasting Table magazine. But to longtime residents of Houston, they've known this all along. When it comes to dining options, you'll find American, Mexican, European, Asian, and everything else in between waiting for you and your taste buds. From Torchy's Tacos to Eugene's Gulf Coast Cuisine, you're just getting warmed up. If you have a taste for Italian, make plans to eat at Pronto Cucinino, where the lemon garlic rotisserie chicken and garlic mashed potatoes are always favorites of customers.

While these restaurant options are fantastic, many Houstonians know their taste buds cannot be truly satisfied without having a gyro from Niko Niko's. The gyros, featuring succulent lamb tucked inside a warm pita, are topped with sweet onions and a creamy tzatziki sauce. Whether you stay and eat on the patio or do a take-out order, it's worth every penny.

Plate With Four Gyro Breakfast Pitas From Niko Niko’s In Houston, Texas
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Hyde Park Shopping

Once you are ready to find out about the many Hyde Park shopping options, make plans to head northwest to River Oaks Shopping Center. One of the oldest retail destinations in Houston, it features more than 100 restaurants and retailers, offering a great mix of local businesses and national chains. Elsewhere in the area, you can find unique and stylish clothing at Tiffalie Fashion Boutique, or browse for hours at Space Montrose, which has artwork, jewelry, and handcrafted items from all across the United States. And remember, since you'll have a nearby Proguard self storage facility in Hyde Park Houston at 224 W. Gray Street, you can store your older clothing so you'll have plenty of room in your closet for your new outfits.

A Wall In Space Montrose In Houston, Texas With A Decorative Mirror, Jewelry For Sale, And A Bookshelf Full Of Other Products
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A Peaceful Atmosphere

While there is plenty to do in the Hyde Park and Montrose area, it is also liked by many for its peaceful atmosphere. Much of the credit for this goes to the Hyde Park Civic Association, which maintains the area's parks and other sites used by residents. Being a very walkable area with plenty of areas for families to spend quality time together, Hyde Park real estate is in high demand more and more every year. Part of this is due to the area's property appreciation values, which currently have the typical Hyde Park home valued at over $700,000.

From the walking tours to its vibrant nightlife scene, Hyde Park is one of Houston's most exciting and well-liked areas. With its proximity to business districts such as the Greenway Plaza, residents can live and work in a close-knit community that affords them numerous amenities. Thus, whether you have a gyro at Niko Niko's or get your shopping done at River Oaks Shopping Center, you'll come to love Hyde Park.