Self Storage Piney Point Village

While everything in the Lone Star State is bigger and better, it stands to reason that Piney Point Village fits into that category. In fact, based on per capita income, it's the wealthiest spot in Texas. But along with its upscale residential communities, Piney Point Village also has many fun places to check out. However, while you're preparing to do so, don't forget to head by a nearby Proguard location, where you can find self-storage in Piney Point Village that will best serve your needs. Located at 4177 Highway 6 North, you'll find a BBB award-winning business that has climate-controlled and secure facilities where you can store classic cars, wine collections, antique furniture, and much more. But no matter what you put away for another day, you'll be ready to embark on finding out all about Piney Point Village.

Enjoy a Festival

Like anyone else in Texas, you love spending the day with family and friends at local community festivals. Should you be living in or around Piney Point Village, you won't want to miss the annual Houston Greek Fest, held each year at St. Basil The Great Greek Orthodox Church. Always featuring lots of great food, entertainment, and many ways to learn all about Greek culture, it is a Houston favorite each and every year.

Dancers In Greek Costumes Dancing On Stage At The Houston Greek Fest
Source: Houston Greek Fest

Great Food From Many Cultures

Though there is nothing that tastes better than a true Texas steak, burger, or BBQ, Piney Point Village has plenty of restaurants that offer items that come pretty close. For example, if you consider pizza to be almost on par with your sirloin, head to Pizaro's Pizza. Cooked in a 900-degree Italian brick oven, these Neapolitan-style pizzas come with a seemingly endless array of cheeses and toppings.

For a taste of Lebanese food, head to the popular restaurant and bakery We're Dough. From the delicious Fakhar eggs to street bread known as Kaak and plenty of other pastries and more, you won't be disappointed once you find out why Lebanese food is considered to be so good worldwide. As for other spots to try, you may want to pay a visit to Pappasito's Cantina for some legendary Tex-Mex, or Kasra Persian Grill for a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Overhead Tablescape of Pizaro’s Pizza With Pelegrino Water
Source: Pizaro's Pizza

Golf Anyone?

Being one of the most popular pastimes in Texas, golf is a great game that is enjoyed by participants of all ages. If you are a seasoned player or are picking up clubs for the first time, the Piney Point Village area has plenty of spots for you to work on your driving and putting. To get warmed up before you hit the links, spend some time at TopGolf. With a state-of-the-art interactive driving range, you can hit plenty of golf balls at targets in the outfield. A fun way to spend some time on a weekend or after work, you'll soon be a regular here. But once you've got your game in good shape, make plans to play 18 holes at nearby Houston Country Club, a challenging course that will test you physically and mentally.

Front Entrance To TopGolf In Houston, Texas
Source: TopGolf

More Entertainment

If you've decided to keep the golf clubs in your Proguard storage units in Piney Point Village, TX, for now, that's okay. After all, there are other fun ways to spend your time in and around Piney Point Village. Should you be in the mood to browse around a fun spot where you can find tasty fruits and vegetables and other fun things, head to the Memorial Villages Farmers Market. Once you're done there, you may want to make plans to get together with friends for a game of bowling at Bowlero. An upscale bowling alley, features multiple lanes, a full bar, and plenty of great food on the menu.

Vegetables and Herbs For Sale At the Memorial Villages Farmers Market
Source: My Spring Branch

Plenty of Parks

In Houston, one thing you'll never experience a shortage of is parks. Near Piney Point Village, you can find such popular outdoor destinations as Briarbend Park, Hedwig Park, and Carol Tree Pocket Park. But along with these, make plans to visit the massive but beautiful George Bush Park. Spanning almost 8,000 acres, you can jog, walk, hike, have a picnic, or even take your gun to the shooting range.

Step Back in Time

If you grew up in the 1970s or maybe even a bit before then, you probably have some great memories about your days hanging out at the local skating rink. If so, you can enjoy your trip down memory lane when you head to Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, which has been going strong since 1974. Whether you go on Adult Skate Night and have some fun while a DJ plays the oldies but goodies or instead book the rink for a birthday party your child will always remember, this Houston institution will let you step back in time and have plenty of good times.

Glow-In-The-Dark Carpet And Disco Lit Floor At The Dairy Ashford Roller Rink
Source: Dairy Ashford Roller Rink

With so much to see and do in and around Piney Point Village, finish up at your nearest Proguard by Piney Point Village self-storage unit and get ready for your next adventure.