Self Storage Washington Avenue

If you've been busy looking for affordable and secure self storage around Washington Avenue, chances are you've discovered the nearby Proguard location at 3770 Center Street. But along with finding a storage facility that has won BBB awards for nearly a decade and offers Houston's most secure, safest, and affordable climate-controlled facilities, you've also noticed the revival Washington Avenue is experiencing. Though it has now gained a reputation for being a "Yuppie" area, it has in no way lost its original charm. Filled with restaurants, retail shops, art studios, and plenty of great-looking townhomes and apartment complexes, you'll find plenty to do once you leave your Proguard Washington Avenue storage units & facilities. If you're eager to find out what makes Washington Avenue so special to Houston residents, here is a guide to all you need to know about the area.

What are the Best Restaurants Near Washington Avenue?

Since there is so much to do in the Washington Avenue area, you'll soon work up quite an appetite. When you do, you'll be glad to know the area is filled with many of Houston's best spots to eat. Should your taste buds be ready for some chicken, pay a visit to Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. However, should you instead crave a great steak or large deli sandwich stuffed with the works, head to B&B Butchers & Restaurant. Or if you're like many Houston residents and want a spicy taco, try El Rey, Velvet Taco, or Laredo Taqueria.

The Dining Room At B&B Butchers & Restaurant In Houston, Texas
Source: B&B Butchers & Restaurant

Happy Hour on Washington Avenue

While visiting a Washington Avenue restaurant will get your stomach filled with some great food, there may be times when you just want to chill while enjoying a cocktail or other adult beverage, especially after you've dropped off some stuff at your Washington Avenue self storage units. Thus, pay a visit to Julep, which is considered to be one of Houston's hottest new bars. But if beer is the only thing that will hit the spot, try Platypus Brewing, which mixes Texan heart and Australian soul for a great time.

Open bar Seating At Julep Bar In Houston, Texas
Source: Food Republic

Enjoy the Outdoors at Memorial Park

No matter the temperature in Houston, you'll find plenty of people enjoying the three-mile loop of Memorial Park. Located near Washington Avenue, Memorial Park is considered to be one of the finest parks in the nation, due primarily to the many things you can choose to do while there on any given day. If you want an early-morning jog or a walk during your lunch hour, you can enjoy over 30 miles of hiking, walking, and running trails. Should you decide to take the family there on a weekend, you'll have plenty of room for a fantastic game of flag-football, soccer, or softball. Once you're done, you can even get something to eat at one of the many food trucks that are set up at the park on a regular basis.

An Arts Renaissance

Like many folks here in Houston, you probably love attending an art show, comedy show, or concert. If so, you may never want to leave Washington Avenue once you arrive and see what's available. To start with, there's the Art Car Museum, affectionately known as the "Garage Mahal." Featuring an incredible collection of cars that also showcase pop culture, it's a must-see. For those who love folk art, the Beer Can House shows what thousands of beer cans, some ingenuity, and lots of hard work can do to a Houston home. Finally, for an evening full of laughs, visit Station Theater or the innovative performances of the 4th Wall Theatre Co. occurring at Studio 101.

Entrance To The Art Car Museum In Houston, Texas
Source: Art Car Museum

Washington Avenue Shopping

While strolling around the Washington Avenue area, you'll also notice lots of unique retail shops that are full of clothes, furniture, and almost anything else you can imagine. If you've bought some clothes that need to be taken in a bit here and there, Martin Tailors is known across Houston for having an eye for style and the magic touch in making clothes look perfect. Finally, if you enjoy browsing, you'll have plenty of chances to do so at West End Shopping Center or Washington Central.

Want to Visit a Cemetery?

While the answer to this question is usually a resounding "no" from virtually everyone, you may be the exception once you get a glimpse of Glenwood Cemetery. Featuring dazzling landscapes that captivate Houston residents, it has been part of the city since 1871. Open to the public with walking tours available, it's filled with fountains, curved walkways, exquisite gardens, and plenty of spots to have a little romance now and then. Located close to Buffalo Bayou, you can spend your time relaxing in one of the city's most beloved spots.

Large Oak Tree In The Center Of Glenwood Cemetery In Houston, Texas
Source: Houston Chronicle

Go Batty

Last but not least, make it a point to go batty the next time you are around Washington Avenue and near the Waugh Drive Bridge at Buffalo Bayou. But to do so, you'll need to be there just as it gets dark, since this is when the Waugh Drive Bat Colony comes to life. Stretching their wings while capturing thousands of insects per hour, you'll be spellbound by this incredible sight.

Now that you've got your self storage in the Washington Avenue area solved by relying on Proguard, you can get out and about Washington Avenue to start having fun.