Self Storage Westbury

Offering a suburban feel while letting its residents live outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston, Westbury is one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods. Ranked as one of the most diverse and family-friendly areas of Houston, it is growing in popularity each year as more and more new arrivals decide to make this part of the city their home. Filled with parks, coffee shops, and much more, there's no time to waste in finding out what makes Westbury so special. But along the way, you'll need self storage near Westbury, which means stopping by a local award-winning Proguard location. Whether you are moving into a new home and need to store some furniture and clothing or just want to free up some space in your home by storing your golf clubs and camping equipment elsewhere, Proguard is the answer to your problem. From closet-sized units to those that can hold an entire home's possessions, you can't go wrong with Proguard self storage rentals in Westbury.

Westbury Neighborhood Sign Surrounding By White Brick
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Things to do in Westbury

Since Westbury is located near the 610 Loop in the Brays Oak district, it is near parks, stores, restaurants and clubs, and much more. As a result, residents can always find something fun to do in and around Westbury. For many people, this means paying a visit to the Cozy Corner, one of Houston's favorite bars. Friendly with a laid-back atmosphere, patrons can enjoy a game of pool, toss some darts, or even play shuffleboard. Also, if you want to unleash the inner singer within you, jump up on stage and enjoy karaoke with a few friends. Offering a wide selection of cocktails along with good, cheap beer, the Cozy Corner may become your favorite hangout.

Best Places to Eat in Westbury

Due to its diversity of residents, Westbury also has a diverse array of restaurants from which you can choose. If a good burger is what you want for lunch, head to Annie's Hamburgers on South Post Oak Road. Once you get your burger that can be made to order, don't forget to add on a milkshake to wash it down, since Annie's milkshakes are regularly called the best in all of Houston. But along with these delicacies, Annie's is also famous for its many different types of biscuits, which regulars claim are the size of softballs.

As for other popular spots to grab a meal, you can add El Regio Taqueria and the Pop Up Coffee Stop to your list. With each offering distinct types of foods and drinks, you'll soon find yourself making the rounds of these and other Westbury restaurants.

Pop Up Coffee Shop (PUCS) Truck In Houston, Texas
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Westbury Parks and Outdoor Attractions

Like many places in Houston, Westbury has its share of beautiful parks and other outdoor attractions. One of the best is Willow Waterhole Greenway, which is somewhat off the beaten path. However, once you discover this Houston gem, you'll be back time and time again. Featuring ponds, lakes, walking trails, picnic areas, and gazebos, you can almost always find a spot where you can get off by yourself if you wish.

Another great spot is the Westbury Community Garden, which has beautiful flowers and lots of vegetables growing everywhere. As an added bonus, you can purchase fresh produce on the weekends from the Garden's produce cart. In doing so, you not only have some great food to fix for you and your family, but also are doing your part to contribute financially to help the Community Garden continue to thrive.

Shopping in and around Westbury

While you are going to and from work, school, or the Proguard Bellaire storage facility, you will probably need to do some shopping for groceries and other items. If you've got a grocery list, head to Foodarama. Known by residents as the local neighborhood grocery store, it's actually quite large and will have everything you have on your list. For many residents, a trip to nearby Meyerland Plaza meets their needs, with its wide array of large and small national chain stores. If you are looking for local shops that offer numerous unique items, you may want to visit River Oaks Shopping Center.

River Oaks Shopping Center: The River Oaks Movie Theatre Strip
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A Neighborhood with Character

Having grown into a very diverse area over the years, Westbury is also characterized by residents as being a neighborhood with character. While there are plenty of newer homes that have been built over the past decade, Westbury is primarily known for having mid-century homes that are surrounded by big, beautiful trees and large lots. A close-knit community, it is a place most agree is safe, friendly, and showcases everything that makes Houston and Texas itself so special.

Surf's Up In Westbury

While you can do many things in Westbury, riding a wave on a surfboard isn't one of them. However, you can visit SurfsUp Texas and instead enjoy some paddleboarding. Offering rentals, lessons, and sales of paddleboards and related equipment, you can even book parties and tours at the facility, allowing you and your family or friends to have a day of fun you won't soon forget.

No matter where you stop in Westbury, chances are you will be met with a warm smile and friendly greeting. That includes stopping by Proguard self storage rentals in Meyerland, where onsite managers are always ready to assist. So once you've finished at Surf's Up, head to the Cozy Corner or elsewhere for more fun and relaxation.