Self Storage Woodland Heights

One of Houston's oldest and most historic neighborhoods, Woodland Heights is said by many to be an area that is small, mighty, and magnificent. Located near North Main, Studewood, and I-10, it has 2000 homes within its area. Thus, with so many people living in and around Woodland Heights, it's no wonder there is such a variety of things to do. Should you be someone who has just moved to this part of Houston and are looking for self storage in Woodland Heights, a quick trip to 3770 Center Street will find you at the award-winning Proguard. Whether you've got clothing, electronics, furniture, or even cars or wine to store, these Woodland Heights storage units & facilities are affordable, climate-controlled, safe and secure, and don't lock you into long-term contracts. Therefore, once you've finished getting everything stored away in your unit, it's time to go exploring so that you can discover what makes Woodland Heights mighty and magnificent.

Live Music and Beer

If there are two things that go great together, it's live music and beer. When you find your way to Woodland Heights and its White Oak Music Hall, you can enjoy both. Actually comprised of three performance areas that hold anywhere from 200-2,000 people, White Oak hosts over 500 music events annually, ranging from indie rock bands to hip-hop and country artists Lone Star State fans can listen to over and over. Also, whether you do so before a show or afterwards, pay a visit to the Raven Tower. With its eye-popping 24 taps and a relaxing outdoor patio, it's the perfect spot to unwind with friends while that night's songs are still playing in your head.

Outdoor Crowd At The White Oak Music Hall Watching A Live Performance On Stage
Source: White Oak Music Hall

Time for a Meal

When it's time for a meal in Woodland Heights, you won't have to look around much to find a great restaurant. In fact, this part of Houston has restaurants to suit virtually anybody's taste buds. For starters, you can try octopus ceviche and Ecuadorian chocolate desserts at the French restaurant Maison Pucha Bistro. However, if you will wait until another day to get adventurous with an octopus, stop by for some nostalgia as BCK: Kitchen and Cocktail Adventures. When you do, you'll find a menu filled with everything from tuna melts and double-cheeseburgers to exotic Peking duck tacos. Finally, if a simple hot dog will hit the spot, Good Dog Houston near Studewood is where you should be. With its outstanding assortment of hot dogs, you'll have a hard time deciding which one to try first.

Maison Pucha Bistro’s Dining Room And Open Kitchen In Houston, Texas
Source: Houstonia Magazine

Volleyball Anyone?

Should you be a fan of beach volleyball, as many are here in Houston, you can have your drinks and volleyball too when visiting Sideout Volleybar. A combo bar/beach volleyball court, it has three beach volleyball courts that can be booked for private events at a reasonable $40 per hour. But along with private events, this lighted court also hosts tournaments, league play, and other events during the year.

Happy Hours, Trivia, and Bingo

Yes, you can actually combine happy hours, trivia, and bingo to create an atmosphere of great fun for everyone. To do so, you'll need to visit a few of Woodland Heights best bars, which by the way are some of the best in Houston. To begin with, anyone who is in Woodland Heights usually visits Little Woodrow's Heights, known as one of the most popular sports bars in the city. Should you be there on Thursday, it's Steak and Bingo Night, while Wednesday features Trivia Night and the always-popular Big Ass Beers.

Front Entrance Sign To Little Woodrow’s Heights Location In Houston, Texas
Source: Little Woodrow's Heights

Strolling Through the Park One Day

Known for its beautiful scenery, Woodland Heights has many great parks, including Travis Spark Park and Woodland Park. But for many folks, the White Oak Pathway is where they love to take a stroll in the park. The pathway, which extends 15 miles, has numerous hike-and-bike trails that conveniently connect the pathway to various neighborhoods within Houston. If you like, you can begin your journey in Woodland Park, then pick up White Oak Pathway along the way and continue exploring.

Woodland Heights Shopping

When it's time to pick up a few things for your home or as gifts for others, Woodland Heights has lots of great shopping nearby. If you're a person who likes to browse from store to store, you can head to nearby shopping malls such as Sawyer Heights Village, South Heights on White Oak, and Heights Mercantile.

Storefront Shops At Heights Mercantile In Houston, Texas, Featuring The Marine Layer
Source: Heights Mercantile

Admire the Murals

After you've spent some time in and around Woodland Heights, you won't be able to look around without noticing many gorgeous murals painted on walls here and there. A testament to the talent of local artists here in Houston, you can spend hours gazing at these amazing works of art. In fact, should you want to grab some friends or your significant other and make an afternoon of it, head to such places as the Heights House Hotel and Harold's Restaurant, which features the I Love You Wall.

The “I Love You” Wall Mural By Shelby Nicole At Harold’s Restaurant
Source: Hub Pages

Since you found cheap storage units in Woodland Heights thanks to Proguard, you'll have plenty of money left over to enjoy the great food, entertainment, and shopping that's only found in Woodland Heights.