When renting a new climate controlled storage space, it is important to get both yourself and your belongings organized for the big move. It may be a bit overwhelming, but we’ve included a few tips to safely get your furniture and household items from point A to point B.


Pack One Room at a Time: Although you may get dizzy just thinking about all of the furniture that you have to pack, ease your workload by packing one room at a time. This way you can take your time and make sure that your items don’t get separated between rooms in climate controlled storage units.


Write Down What You Are Packing: Make a list of the items that you are packing in each box so you can see if anything is missing or left behind. You can tape this list to the box so that you know what it contains for later.


Use Durable Boxes and Tape Bottoms: Stay away from flimsy, grocery store boxes. Purchase a few durable boxes and spend some time sticking heavy duty tape on the bottoms. This will prevent heavier items from breaking through and falling onto the street.


Use Bubble Wrap and Fill Boxes Halfway: Fill your boxes halfway and place newspaper or bubble wrap to fill up the rest. This will keep your boxes light and will also prevent them from any harm during travel.


Mark and Label Boxes: Mark your boxes as “fragile” or “this side up” so your movers will know how to handle any delicate materials. Also label your boxes to correlate to each room that you will be moving them into. You may even consider packing a separate box with your most essential household items.

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