Storing your perishable items is a tricky task if you don’t have a climate controlled storage space to move them into. Whether you’re storing food, health products, or perishable drinks, it is important that you follow a few of these helpful tips in order to help them last longer in your Houston storage space.


Store Products in Airtight Containers:  Putting your perishable items into airtight containers can help to prolong their shelf life. You may also want to purchase a refrigerator unit for your storage space, in order to keep the items cold and prevent harmful bacteria from building up over time.


Check Your Dates: You always want to check the dates on your perishable items to know the exact time they will expire. Make sure to use up your products with the nearest expiration dates first!


Create an Inventory: An inventory can help you keep an organized account of your perishable items and the exact dates that they are set to expire. If you are looking to sell these perishable items, an inventory can also help you keep track of the dates that you should send these products out to stores or hospitals. A distribution calendar is also an example of a detailed inventory, which can be used to help fight expiration deadlines!

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