storage locationArt and antiques are greatly treasured for how they capture a moment in time, their value usually correlating with their preservation. As investments, and often heirlooms, you want to ensure they are well preserved. The first step in preserving your older pieces is finding the right storage unit like our climate controlled storage units available here in Houston, TX. But how to pack them comes down to you, and fortunately Proguard Self Storage has great advice for you to follow.


  • Use thick blankets, bubble wrap, or felt to wrap mirrors or pictures and label them as “Fragile.” Secure packing materials with clear plastic wrap and cardboard corners to protect the sharpest, weakest areas of frames.
  • Never store mirrors or framed artwork flat, as they can collapse under their own weight.
  • Invest in heavy-duty bags to store upholstered products such as mattresses and sofas.
  • Weak or heavy pieces of furniture, such as a mirror attached to a dresser, should be disassembled. Separate pieces should be wrapped, covered, and marked as part of a whole. Assembly components, like screws and bolts, should be kept together in a plastic bag taped to bubble wrap or plastic wrapped around the appropriate furniture.
  • Cover chair legs with bubble wrap or rags.
  • Spray good-quality furniture polish onto wood furniture before storing them.
  • Prior to storage, treat leather items with a leather conditioner.
  • Avoid rust by wiping down metal items with a little oil before storing them.
  • Remove light bulbs from lamps, and separately wrap their lamp bases and lampshades.
  • Have awkward or heavy pieces wrapped professionally.


Check back for even more tips and advice on storing your precious items to preserve their value and integrity, because sometimes getting the best storage unit in Texas just isn’t enough.

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