Getting ready for early boat storage, or just want to be prepared in the winter? Fortunately we have some great tips for storing your boat and climate controlled storage units to accommodate you. Just follow these tips and you are on your way:


  1. Take the boat on one more trip. This is the time to really check the performance of your boat and take note of what needs to be repaired or replaced. Damages to the hull can also worsen while in storage.
  2. Clean the boat. After you haul your boat out of the water, immediately remove the bilge drain plug. Then thoroughly scrub your boat’s hull and decks to remove any gunk, grim, slime, or barnacles. Make sure to give it plenty of time to dry before putting it into storage.
  3. Prevent engine trouble. Fill up your gas tank and add a gas stabilizer to reduce the possibility of condensation. Remember to check hoses, belts, and clamps, and flush your coolant system while you are at it. If necessary, add antifreeze, and remember to change your engine oil and replace all your filters.
  4. Take care of the head. Clean out the head and other areas, and run non-toxic antifreeze through the intake lines, y-valve, macerator, and discharge hose. You may also want to drain your fresh water tanks and water heat, and add the antifreeze to your plumping.
  5. Remove all electronics, including your battery. Store all electronics, especially your battery, in a warm, dry place. Remove any corrosion on the battery terminals and grease them lightly. Charging the battery prior to storage is a good idea as well.


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