texas storageWhether you are using a storage rental to hold excess furniture or to house your items while moving to a new home or apartment, customers want the reassurance that their valuables are safely protected while in storage.

To ensure your storage items are kept safe, Proguard Storage facilities are armed with various protective measures. The perimeter is wrapped with 8’ barbed-wire security fences, and facilities can only be accessed with individual entry codes, giving storage rental users entry through a computerized door or gate controls. Property managers are also onsite keeping watch over the premises with our video surveillance systems. Our cameras are placed around the entire facility and footage streams directly to the manager’s office.

The storage units at Proguard Storage are also protected with individual alarm systems with “enforcer” cylinder locks to provide dead-bolt protection. All of our interior and exterior spaces are well-lit to help you see what you are doing any time of the day. Safety is our number one priority, and our customers can feel confident in the measures we take to protect your possessions.

Whatever the purpose of your storage rental, the facilities at Proguard Storage provide the utmost protection. Learn more by visiting our website.

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