When packing your goods and valuables, you want to make sure they are packed safely and properly to ensure they are kept in pristine condition. Whether you are packing bigger items like furniture pieces or smaller, valuable objects, there are always a few steps you can take to make sure you pack your items properly in a storage rental.


When it come to packing your furniture, we have a few tips that can help make the process easier. If you have a bed frame that needs to be packed, disassemble the pieces and tie them together to save space in your storage rental. Wrap and label each piece for easy reassembly. All screws, bolts, and other hardware should be placed in a marked bag.


If you are looking to prevent your pieces from being scratched, it is a good idea to place towels, blankets, or pads between each item. It is important to note that plastic covers can potentially be harmful to your possessions. When stored in a non-climate controlled storage, moisture can condense under the plastic, which can potentially damage your furniture. Putting some sort of protective cover, however, will eliminate dust buildup and keep your items from scratches if stacking furniture on top of one another.

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