Wine enthusiasts may disagree on which region produces the finest grapes or which red compliments a rib-eye steak the best, but one thing they all agree on is that finding room for their treasures bottles is a constant challenge. Not every collector has the luxury to convert a room in their home into a personal wine cellar. Wine storage units like those at Proguard offer the perfect solution for every collector whose bottles outnumber their home storage option.

The new Proguard wine storage facility, conveniently located at the heart of Houston’s cultural center now offers climate controlled storage for the private collector or the restaurateur with large amounts of inventory to care for. The facility is especially designed to maintain precise moisture and temperature levels. Units come in a variety of sizes and hold from 21 to almost 700 cases of wine, and each one offers a list of amenities such as oak-finished doors.

Collectors can be quite sentimental about their bottles, but a wine collection is also a financial investment. At Proguard that investment is protected with a multi-layered security system that includes motion-sensitive lighting and individual alarms on each storage unit. Self storage in Houston is growing up; no longer are storage units just a temporary place for items you don’t have room for, they’re also a permanent solution to the tastiest storage problems.

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