Spring cleaning can be tough when you have to navigate around clutter. Make the job easier and your house more welcoming by using self storage resources. A few ways a storage rental can help:


Store Off-Season Items

Why have items that you won’t use till next year using up valuable space in your home? Pack up cold winter clothes to put them away until next year. Keep your family’s treasured Christmas safe in climate controlled storage to protect them from the Houston humidity. If you only travel around the holidays, keeping your suitcases in a storage unit can free up space that would otherwise be taken by these infrequently-used items.


Curating Your Home

You’ve spent years collecting beautiful items that have great sentimental value. Display them all in ways that make them shine by rotating them throughout the seasons. Storing items away allows you to showcase a few at a time. Pick items that work well together to create pleasing displays that are easy on the eyes. By reducing household clutter, you make it easier to get and keep your home clean. Plus, when you retire one group of items for the season and pull out the next, you enjoy your decorative objects all the more. This is a great strategy for knick knacks, small furniture and soft items like decorative pillows, throws, curtains and slip covers.

Houston self storage units allow you to make the most of the items you have. Take advantage of the extra space to make spring cleaning a snap and your home more welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

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