wine storage houston

Whether you’re a brand new wine collector with a few cases or a long-time enthusiast who’s amassed hundreds of bottles, proper storage is needed to protect your collection. There’s a reason wine has traditionally been kept in a cool, dark cellar; since wine making first began vintners understood that the right conditions will not only extend the life of a wine, but in some cases storage will improve the flavor.

Climate controlled storage provides the sensitive balance between temperature and humidity that’s needed to keep wine from going bad. Fluctuations in temperature cause the liquid and the cork to expand and contract inside a wine bottle. As the cork changes size it allows oxygen to enter the bottle which can spoil a wine. Too much humidity can cause fungus to grow on the outside of the bottle and too little dries out the cork, allowing in oxygen.

Something as basic as the direction the bottle is stored in can also make a difference. You may have heard you should never leave wine cases stacked for the long term, but why? Laying the bottle on its side keeps the cork moist and prevents spoilage. A properly appointed storage space like that you might find at a Houston public storage facility should include racks for horizontal placement.

Whites, new reds, age-worthy reds and sparkling wines all have different requirements. Collectors with a variety of bottles need a variety of storage options to keep them all happy. But no matter what type of wine you prefer to collect, storing it properly ensures you won’t be disappointed when you uncork that latest treasure.

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