Moving can be a simultaneously exciting and stressful experience. Having the opportunity to change your living space can bring about all different kinds of emotions and struggles. Frequently, people who are undergoing a move will rent a self storage unit. Usually, this storage unit is a saving grace. For one, it gives you a location to keep your belongings while you figure out the specifics of your new home or apartment, especially if you are in a rush moving out of your last place. Secondly, if can be a great home for some of your seasonal belongings, specifically if you are downsizing or going for a less cluttered space.

While self storage is great asset for those undergoing a move, there are some things you must keep in mind. The following are three DONT’S for you to take note of when you are using self storage.

1. Don’t rent the wrong size truck: This can be detrimental for a couple of reasons. For one, if your stuff won’t fit in the truck, you will have to make extra trips. Additionally, if your truck won’t fit the unit, you will have to rent a smaller size.

2. Don’t purchase a unit too small for your items. This should go without saying, but we’ve seen it done. Make sure you rent a unit you are positive will fit all of your belongings in order to eliminate future scrambling.

3. Don’t count on flakey friends. While this may seem a bit humorous, it’s anything but. If you are on a time crunch for your move, hire professionals if you lack reliable friends.

We hope these tips help save you from some of the struggles of moving! For Houston self storage units, visit us online at

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