Ah, the beloved holiday season is upon us. Warm meals, time with family, and maybe some heartfelt gifts will greet you during this wonderful time of year.

One common gift, either as a nice gesture for the host or as a present for whichever holidays you are celebrating is wine. A safe bet in most cases,a bottle of wine is the perfect thank you or display of affection. That being said, your wine collection tends to accumulate during the holiday season.

That’s where we come in.

houston wine storage

Our Houston wine storage facility has become an instant solution for many people facing the same dilemma, as well as many who wish to keep their wine in pristine conditions in proper conditions. Our climate controlled wine storage units are the perfect place to keep your valuable wines, allowing them to age properly, resting in dark, humidity and temperature controlled vaults.

Not only will your wine have a home, but a safe one at that. Featuring individually-alarmed units, our facility, located in the Museum District of Houston, is ready to house your fine wines!

Want more information about our wine storage facility? Head on over to http://proguardwinestorage.com.

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