If you’re in the business of selling or serving fine wines, you already know two things about them; they take up a lot of space, and they have to be treated gently. Wines that are not kept in the proper environment are in danger of becoming dry, acidic, and of losing their wonderful aroma and fruit flavor. Wine needs be kept at a temperature of about 55 degrees, or even a bit cooler, and at 75% relative humidity. Considering the significant investment business owners make in fine wines, it makes good sense to protect them with the best of care. Yet most businesses simply don’t have the tools, the space, or the expertise to properly care for their stock of wine.

houston wine storage


Add to that the necessity of protecting your stock from theft and damage, and you’ll understand the advantage of using a professional wine storage service. Progaurd Wine Storage has the facilities to keep your wines at optimal temperature and humidity levels at all times, easily monitored from their website. Clients enjoy private entry to the storage area, and your inventory is protected by several layers of security, and individual unit alarms. Their experienced and knowledgeable site managers are always available to assist and offer advice on best wine storage practices.

Relieve yourself of the worry and hassle of storing your fine wines on your own premises. Your valuable stock deserves the very protection. Progaurd is the premier vendor for Houston wine storage services. What ever the size of your collection, they’ve got the unit to fit. Contact them today to find out how they can make your life just a little bit easier.

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