We’ve all been there before. Whether after hosting an event, or after opening a nice bottle of wine just to taste – we have some leftover in the bottle. Now, some people may just simply put the cork back in and call it a day. However, those of us keen to the taste and quality of wine know that doing so compromises the taste and quality. While air is a necessity to help open up the wine, having too much of it can spoil the taste and leave you with a half full bottle of undrinkable goods.

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So, what do you do? You don’t want to toss out the wine, and you surely don’t want to drink a compromised product. Let’s take a look at some solutions below:

  1. For about ten bucks you can pick up a canister of inert gas. Using this product, you simply spray a small amount of the product into the bottle before recording it. This replaces the air with gas and prevents your wine from becoming tarnished.
  2. If you started with a larger bottle, such as the sharable 1.5L bottles available in many varieties of wine, you can always transfer to a smaller bottle! This will allow you to buy the cheaper, larger bottles – and conserve using a smaller bottle!

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