Whether you are relocating your business, moving items to self storage units, or sending items, how you package them is of the utmost importance. Ensuring your valuables are kept in pristine conditions whilst in transportation will eliminate the chance of any breakage or damaging.

Climate Controlled Storage

1. Gather Materials – You will need some heavy duty boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and some other form of cushioning. Pillows or pillow stuffing will absolutely come in handy with fragile items.

2. Group items either by category (if moving to self storage) or room (if moving)

3. Label all boxes clearly with a sharpie.

4.Boxes including fragile items should be labeled FRAGILE in all capital letters. Make sure this can be seen on three sides of the box so regardless of which site an individual is grabbing from the text is visible. It will also be in your best interest to label the top of the box. Use bubble wrap and/or pillows/pillow stuffing to fill in any gaps.

5. If you are packing heavy items, make sure you keep in mind you will be lifting them on multiple occasions. Do not overpack boxes. Keep it light.

6. Don’t pack anything that is wet or moist. This will lead to mold.

7. If you are moving from residence to residence Рget crafty with your packing. Use  available drawers in furniture as a way to save on boxes.

We hope these helped! Happy packing!

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