So, you’ve bought some wine which needs to age a bit. Perhaps you’ve simply purchased ¬†or were gifted a case of fine wines and don’t plan on consuming them all in the near future. How should you store them?

Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Well, wine is a delicate product and when kept in the improper conditions can be compromised via the elements. The  smartest decision would be to move your collection to a Houston wine storage unit. For those with only a couple of bottles, please find the following tips below:

1. Keep is cool, but not too cool: Find a space in your Houston home which remains between 45 and 65 degrees fahrenheit.

2. Keep it constant: Your temperature should not fluctuate, as this can cause premature aging of your product.

3. Humidity requirements: Humidity plays as big of a role in wine storage as temperature. Humidity should be kept between 58% and 65%. This should remain constant.

4. No light: Ensure your wine is stored in a dark space. Many individuals find the best space in the home to create a wine cellar or storage unit is the basement.

We hope these tips were helpful. Any wine enthusiast understands the importance of keeping your collection in pristine conditions. For inquiries about storage units for your personal items, automobiles, business, or wine collection – get in touch today!


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