Living in a metropolitan area can come with its spacial challenges. One area of the home that often can be a major victim of these issues is the bedroom. Often times, when sharing a space with others, we feel the need to keep all of our belongings within our own immediate space. This can cause your closet to become quite the mess.

If you have many belongings and a tiny closet, fear not! Proguard Self Storage has some awesome storage hacks to help make the most of your space.

1. Tone it down: None of us enjoy getting rid of belongings, but hoarding clothing is far too easy. Take those clothes you haven’t worn in years to salvation army or another charitable organization.

2. Work vertically: Enhance the space in your room by extending your clothing rack. Grab some chain at your local hardware store. Take a look below:


3. Shower curtain hooks: Save space by hanging all of your ties and scarves via shower curtain hooks attached to a hanger. This will save you tons of space.

4. Shelves: If they’ll fit, they’re a good idea. There is likely much space behind your closet rod which will go unused if not altered to include shelves.

5. Move it to self storage: if you have a plethora of seasonal items or perhaps antique or classic designer clothing – bring it to a self storage unit! This will give it a secured and climate controlled space to stay until needed.

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