Climate controlled storage units can come in handy for many people in a variety of ways. Whether you are in the midst of a move, or simply looking to free up some home space, a unit can improve your quality of life.

Storage units

Today we wanted to run through some items one should consider taking to self storage:

  1. Antiques – Whether you are an avid collector or have been handed down a selection of pieces, self storage offers a secure and efficient means to store your antique collection. Keeping these items in storage will allow you to have them on hand at ease when it comes time to gift the items or perhaps sell them. Additionally, our climate controlled units will ensure your valuables aren’t damaged in the Houston heat.
  2. Baby Items – Kids grow fast. Kids outgrow their toys even faster. Consider bringing your baby items to self storage once your child has outgrown them. This will free up space in the home but leave the items readily available for when your next little one comes along.
  3. Vehicles – Storing a vehicle in one of our car storage units can open up a world of possibilities in the home. Why take up valuable space in your garage or driveway with an unused or antique car when you can simply bring it to storage? Many customers also enjoy storing their boat or RV with us during the off season.
  4. Dorm items – When a young man or woman goes to college, many items are purchased for their new dorm room. During the summer months, where do all of these belongings go? A self storage unit can offer a perfect solution for the storage of these items.
  5. Seasonal Goods – Whether you have an abundance of holiday decorations, or gear to hit the slopes during the winter, self storage can help you cut down on clutter.

In addition to offering self storage units we also offer climate controlled wine storage units. To learn more about wine storage head on over to

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