If you’ve built up an impressive wine collection over the years, it’s important to make sure all those bottles stay in good condition. When you don’t enough room or the right conditions in your home for properly storing your collection, a Houston wine storage unit is the perfect solution for a number of reasons.

Climate Controlled Storage Unit


The larger your wine collection gets, the more room you’ll need to store it. This can be harder to do while also ensuring the right light, temperature and humidity conditions to protect your wine. A wine storage unit can accommodate collections of all sizes, giving you plenty of space for your bottles.


Wine needs to be stored in an area that doesn’t get a lot of exposure to light, including sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light. These sources of light can end up affecting the taste, texture and appearance of your wine. A wine storage unit will provide plenty of darkness and very little light exposure.


Humidity levels that are too low can damage your wine, while high humidity levels can encourage mold and mildew growth on wine bottle labels. Placing your wine in a wine storage unit with climate control helps ensure proper humidity levels.


Wine must be stored in an area that’s kept within an optimal temperature range. High temperatures can cause wine to spoil, while cold temperatures can cause it to freeze. A Houston wine storage unit makes it easy to store your wine at the ideal temperature around-the-clock.


A wine collection can be highly valuable, especially when it’s kept in optimal conditions. Putting your collection in a wine storage unit that offers security measures, especially multi-layered security systems, helps ensure that your bottles are safe from theft or vandalism.

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