The days are getting longer, the birds are singing sweetly again, and a kaleidoscopic array of colors are blossoming across the landscape—it’s officially time for the spring season. As nature clears away snow and wintry detritus, it’s time to do the same with the clutter in your living environment. Spring cleaning is a key part to kicking the season off right and giving yourself the space—physically and mentally—to succeed.

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Consider these tips for your spring cleaning endeavors.

1. Have a Mood in Mind

It’s not just enough to re-organize knick-knacks and clear off layers of dust from your furniture, you also need to have a vision in mind. Take spring cleaning as an opportunity to reorganize your home and deploy new design ideas. Before or during the process, purchase accent items and/or plot out new configurations for each room.

With a new season should come a new mood and state of mind.

2. Remove Clutter

Think long and hard about what decorations, clothes, photographs, and other accessories really need to stay in your home—don’t be afraid to let go. Holding onto old attachments will drag down innovative design ideas that need space to flourish.

Consider leaving your most treasured items in Houston self storage. There, your precious artifacts will be safely stored and easily accessed whenever you need them. Modern home design is constantly informed by “retro” ideas, so you’re certain to get much use storing and retrieving items from your Houston storage space.

3. Thoroughly Clean Flooring

Spring cleaning is a process that needs to start from the ground up—literally. Take care of your floors—hardwood, tile, or carpet—by approaching each individually. Wax and apply sealer to the hardwood floors, use cleaner with neutral pH to clean out grout on tiles, and vacuum carpets regularly. Professionals are great for getting out battle stains.

4. Take Care of Odd Fixtures

There’s dust and grime beyond more than what initially meets the eye. Ceiling fixtures (like fans) and lighting arrangements (like wall lamps) tend to accrue nastiness in a more subtle manner. If you don’t keep an eye out for these fixtures, you’re just one warm day away from dousing guests with a fan-induced dust shower.

5. Organize Closets

In a similar vein, don’t let messes pile up behind closed doors, either. When spring cleaning, it’s easy to just shove every errant object into a closet where you—visually—don’t have to deal with it.

But it’s important to remember the closets serve specific organizational purposes too. Instead, move that clutter into Houston self storage.

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