If you’re like most homeowners, your garage is probably the Bermuda triangle of lost, useful, useless, and “where the heck did that come from?” items. The garage becomes a catchall for anything in the house that doesn’t have a place. It’s also used to house most of the outdoor equipment, so it’s exceptionally hard to keep organized. If you’d like to get back to using your garage for something saner, like actually protecting your car from the elements, try some of our tips on organizing your garage and keeping it that way.

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Tips to Organize the Garage

  1. Houston Mini Storage Units. The first step to organizing your garage is to categorize your items by usefulness and purpose. You’ll find that many of them are not things you need on a regular basis and some might not even belong in a garage. Dedicate one pile to things that can go into storage and move them to a storage unit. It’s helpful if you organize those things according to category and store them by use. So, things you won’t need for a while can go in the back of the unit. Things you might use once every year or so can go where they’re more accessible.
  2. Use Your Walls. One of the best organizational tips for a clean garage is in using your walls. You can find great wall size peg boards to attach hooks to which allows you to hang all of your yard supplies right on the wall and out of the way. Another idea is floor to ceiling shelves on one wall. You can use clearly labeled plastic bins for different items and organize them by activities. Have a set area for camping supplies and another for sports equipment.
  3. Do It Now Principle. Employ the “do it now” principle to your garage maintenance the same way you would to de-cluttering your home. This means that if you took something out, you put it back where it belongs right away. You don’t throw it on a clear counter space until “later”, because later never comes and it sets the tone for everyone in the house to use that room as a cast off spot.
  4. Fresh Coat of Paint. Most of us forget the garage when we’re sprucing up our home decor. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the garage walls once every few years forces you to give the whole area a deep and thorough cleaning and it also makes the place look nice enough that you want to keep it that way.

Those are only a few tips to organize your garage. The most important aspect is not to let the fact that it’s not living space mean that you can get lazy enough to make it unusable.

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