Keeping your valuables and other items in storage is a functional and convenient way to stay organized. However, it is important to ensure that your treasured possessions are stored in a facility that is climate controlled if they are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors. Climate controlled storage is more than just keeping the temperature in a storage unit regulated; it involves regulating humidity as well.

Many items are sensitive to moisture that results from humidity, as well as fluctuations in temperature as the seasons change. Here are a few examples of items that require climate controlled storage.

  • Instruments. Whether you are storing your piano during a move or keeping your collection of vintage guitars at the ready for your next gig, wood, brass, nylon, and other materials commonly used in musical instruments can become warped or deteriorate in the presence of too much moisture or with extreme heat and cold.
  • Clothing. Many types of fabric develop mold and mildew when stored in an environment that is not regulated. In addition to climate controlled storage, clothing should be thoroughly washed and dried prior to being stored.
  • Appliances. Without climate control, household appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers can rust, resulting in irreparable damage. There is no point in storing your appliances if they aren’t going to be functional when you retrieve them.
  • Furniture. Wood and leather furniture are particularly susceptible to temperature change and moisture. For the short term in the midst of a move, or the long term while spending a few months abroad, furniture that is stored for any amount of time requires a climate controlled unit.

These are just a few of the many items that require an environment with temperature and humidity regulation. To be safe, it is better to store all of your items in a climate controlled unit, as doing so certainly won’t harm items unless they require a particular environment (i.e. refrigeration, incubation, etc.) At Proguard Self Storage, all of our units are climate controlled to keep your items in optimal condition.

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