Does this picture make you think of home? Than you need this Closet Organization Crashcourse!

Your closet is your personal clothing store, the home of your wear-em-every-day jeans, the place to organize your favorite things and keep your go-to items easily accessible. If you can’t reach in and grab a sweater in under 2 minutes, you know the time has come to get your closet in order. You don’t have to be ridiculously anal to maintain an organized space! Here are a few tips to get your closet in order, and keep it that way.

Week One: Structure

First, we’ll focus on the basic structure of your closet. Whether your wardrobe is stored in a walk-in, built-in shelving, or a free-standing rod and over-the-door organizer (read: dorm room and/or studio apartment), work on these structural issues so every item has its individual place to chill until you rock it.

  1.  Not enough lighting. In order to work your threads, you’ve got to be able to SEE them. Fix that light bulb, hang string lights, or buy a lightstrip to keep things visible and bright.
  2. Extra, unused space. Most built-in have a high shelf above the hanging rod, and floor space below the shelves. Take advantage of that area to store more items (see below!).
  3. Bad clothing placement system. Store your most-reached-for items at eye-level (think tees,jeans, and undergarments), less used items on lower shelves (sweaters, outerwear, and pj’s), and least used on the highest and lowest shelves (seasonal items, older clothes, and embarrassing T-shirts).
  4. Extra surface area.  Hang hooks to use every spare space in the closet. Hang jackets, jewellery, or even shoes.
  5. A clunky, space-wasting door. The door to your closet (if you have one) can also offer some great storage space. Hang your hooks there,  hang over the door organizers, jewelry, or hang a mirror and create a mini dressing room! Or better yet, remove the doors completely. Hang a curtain instead! Instant space saver.


So get to work! Once you fix those structural issues, you can start working on next week’s topic, actual clothes organization to fit your now-optimized space. And if these tips don’t help, you simply be trying to stuff too much…well…stuff into one space! It may be time to consider a mini self-storage rental to house those unending odd and ends!

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