42311861 - group of friends enjoying drink in barIt’s over! You did it! You moved!

The boxes are unpacked, the fridge is finally working, the mini-storage unit is stocked,and the kids are already missing dinner to hang out with their new friends. Alls well, but you are SPENT.

Nothing would diffuse your stress better than a great night out with your buddies…who are hundreds of miles away in your old hometown. Sigh. Time for a glass wine and Game of Thrones on your own again…or is it?

Moving your entire life to a new community is a transformative experience. While social regrouping in a new town is often more focused on our children, adults experience an enormous social tumult as well! It’s time to focus on your own emotional wellbeing and rebuild your circle of support.

So…time to make new friends. Feels like going back to high school? Well, it kind of is. The integral teenage rules for making friends still apply: choose friends who make you feel good. Don’t be afraid to leave your social comfort zone. Always be yourself. And treat others how you’d like to be treated.

Here’s where you’re going to find your new circle of girlfriends:

  1. At work. You’ve already got one thing in common- now it’s time to find out more!
  2. At your child’s school. If you’ve got kids…if not, try the dog park!
  3. Make use of tech like Meetup and City Socializer.
  4. At local events. Use websites like Eventful to find events near you.
  5. Join a club or volunteer. These people are passionate about what you are!
  6. At parties. Finally got invited out? Never say no to invite in the beginning. You crash that party and have a blast. Or better yet, host one yourself.
  7. At the mailbox. It may sound cheesy, but being neighborly is a surefire way to make new friends, especially if you both have kids or drive similar cars. Talking points, people!

Follow these tips and you’ll be hanging at the coffee house and catching a movie with your own circle of Friends in no time. Stay positive, friendly, and 100% yourself, and you can’t go wrong.


Have any tips to share with our newly-relocated readers? Share them in the comments below!

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