The Tiny House Movement has been spreading throughout the U.S like a loosely-kept secret. Americans are choosing to leave behind their duplexes, townhouses, lofts, and (in some cases) mansions to live in pint-sized dwellings barely larger than the average master bedroom.

For some of us, this seems unthinkable- why on EARTH would you leave behind your roomy home and downsize to a dollhouse whose interior looks something like THIS?

There’s actually plenty of perfectly logical – and even noble – reasons to downsize to a tiny home. Here are the top four reasons people are switching to “The Tiny Life”.

1: Financial. Buying, fixing, and upkeep for a tiny home is nearly a quarter of what the average American spends on the roof over their heads. With more Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck than ever before, especially millennials, it just makes financial sense to downsize to a smaller home.

2: Environmental. A sense of environmental responsibility has swept the nation, gaining momentum steadily. Tiny homes save more trees from being used in home production, produce less emissions, take up less land that can be preserved for wildlife, waste less energy, and promote simple living.

3: Simplicity. Minimalism, environmentalism, and social activism have all been promoting similar core values: ‘less is more”, “materialism brings misery”, “mo’ money, mo’ problems” etc. Even if your skeptical about the whole tiny living movement, you can definitely admit that living simply, with less rooms, less space, and yes, less bathrooms, brings more lasting joy and happiness!

4: Family togetherness. You may think tiny living is just for artsy singles or retired lovebirds, but in fact, many families have been making the switch to a smaller space in the hopes that the physical proximity will bring the family closer together emotionally. HGTV’s hit show  Tiny House Hunters, recently featured a family of SIX looking to move into a tiny house to bond and connect more.

Still not convinced?

Check out this infographic, courtesy of, about the dollars and cents of Tiny House Living:

Ready to make the switch? Be sure to give Proguard mini storage a call to watch over all the materialism you’re leaving behind! Enjoy the simple life!

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