It’s that time of year again!

Birds are chirping, days are longer, and you’re already planning your summer vacation.

But there’s something else slowly creeping up on us – SPRING CLEANING!


For organization junkies like us, spring cleaning is a sort of rite-of-passage to the summer months. Nothing fills us with more satisfaction than a clean, uncluttered space, especially after months of sluggish winter ruts.


Although the concept of a fresher, more organized space sounds great, we can’t deny that the task is overwhelming at the start. Whether you’re living in a McMansion or glorified broom closet, spring cleaning requires more than just a swipe of Windex! But if you’re methodical, and give yourself permission to take it one step at a time, you’re home will be spic-and-span before you can say “Where are those socks, again?”


With the Spring Solstice just days away, get a headstart on the scrubbing frenzy with our two-part guide to the least stressful, most effective spring cleaning ever!


Looking for an easier way out? Just rent a mini storage unit and shove the clutter in there. No one will ever know, and our lips are sealed.


1: Wash windows : start with something simple. Wipe. Re-enact that pigeon Windex commercial. Repeat.


2: Sliding door tracks: this might seem small, but you’re going to be using those doors a lot more these months. Make sure they’re in peak form!


3:Deep clean carpets: if you’re super-fancy, hire somebody. If you’re regular-fancy, just vacuum and give stains the vinegar-and-baking-soda treatment.


4: Clean under furniture : enlist your favorite gym-junkie to move your clunkiest furniture a few inches so you can vacuum, mop, and-or freak out that “THAT’S where my keys were!”


5: Dust light fixtures: dusting is one of those chores that are just too fun to be considered work. Feel free to tickle your roommates with the duster as you wish.


6: ORGANIZE: This one’s a biggie. Good thing we have a LOT of material on the subject. Here’s the basic course of action:

  • Gather all clutter from the room, and divide into keep, throw out, and donate.
  • Divide keep into “in home” or “storage” (that’s where we come in, hi!)
  • Shop fun organizing tools like containers, label makers, and look into some inspiring  new methodologies.
  • Read our apartment organization guide – and FOLLOW IT.


7: Transition your wardrobe. If you were one of those who pretended to need winter boots in Houston, now’s the time to put those away. Enter – flip flop season!


We’re not letting you off the hook that easy – stay tuned for Part 2 of Proguard’s Spring Cleaning 2017 Guide!


Have any tips you want to share with our audience? Which of these steps have you already taken? Let us know in the comments below!


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