RVing is a quintessential part of vintage Americana vacationing. Hundreds of Americans travel across the U.S. in their handy-dandy home on wheels (some more decked-out than others, see below!), experiencing all the beauty these states have to offer while saving on airfare, hotel fees, and restaurants.

Aside from just vacationing, hundreds, if not thousands of Americans live year-round in portable mobile homes. Naysayers will decry living with the temporary, fly-by-night reality of a mobile home, while others hail it as the solution to rising housing costs, inactivity, and environmental issues. See our blog post on the Tiny House revolution: RVs are another great option for those looking to simplify their lifestyle and have a more exploratory and adventurous life.

If you’re looking to purchase an RV for home or leisure, you’re in great company. There are hundreds of online resources to guide you about pricing, features, regulations, liscensing, and more. Here’s a short list to get you started:

Heath & Alyssa: 29 Reasons Living in an RV is Better than Living in a House

A young couple describes what they’ve learned from living in an RV year-round. Super sweet and deceptively informative.


These insanely decked out RVs will get you thinking that maybe it’s not too crazy to live in one forever! Not too practical, but definitely inspiring!

Do It Yourself RV:

Find the best RV for you, for the BEST price. This site is dedicated to help enthusiasts make that leap!

RVroadtrips : RVing Guide

Looking to purchase a used RV? Then read this blog. It describes what common used RV issues are, how to recognize them, what features are non-negotiable, etc.


First timer? RVing Planet created a condensed guide for the top features to consider and look out for when purchasing an RV. Short on time? Just read this post.

Once you finally make your dream RV purchase, never forget that maintenance is just as important, if not more, than purchasing a quality RV in the first place. Store it right with Proguard Storage’s RV storage solutions to ensure your “home-on-wheels” stays as adventure-ready as the day you bought it!

Have an amazing RV experience you’d like to share with our readers? Tell us in the comments!


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