House hunting is one of the most thrilling – and potentially soul-crushing – experiences of our lives. Especially in our hometown of Houston! We have hundreds of house-hunters pass through our doors every day, looking to grab something from a unit they thought they would have emptied by now. The search is tough! Aside from the precarious state of the real estate market these days (you mean this broom closet costs more per month than college tuition?!), it’s hard to find a place that fits ALL your specifications. A large backyard PLUS the closet space you crave? You may have to give up on one of those “must-haves”. But how?  How can you decide which feature to let go?

The key is to create a 5 MUST-HAVES list. The top three are non-negotiable, while the bottom two are “great, but not dealbreakers”. For example:

1: Montrose neighborhood

2: Three bedrooms

3: Price range: $450,000 max

4: Backyard

5: Friendly block

Here’s another common mistake: people with grab a home or apartment that’s not ideal because the price is right. They plan to make minor repairs and redecorate, or maybe even expand to fit another room. But things like freeway noise, rude neighbors, a subpar neighborhood, or a million other external factors could be the cause behind the low pricing: and these things can’t be changed! So before you settle on a less-than-perfect home (and trust us, you’ll have to settle at one point in at least ONE area!), make sure it’s something you can change and/or live with.

And one last tip: keep your future in mind. If you’re looking to buy a property, don’t go into the sale thinking you can always change your mind later on, or even 2-3 years down the line. If you’re planning on having kids, getting a dog, taking a job in a different neighborhood, or any other home-impacted decisions, keep them in mind when searching for a home so you don’t experience the dreaded buyer regret!

Remember: stay steadfast in your 5 non-negotiables, don’t get blinded by low prices, and stay positive! Your dream home is out there somewhere. And once you move in, be sure to check out our blog on how to acclimate to your new neighborhood! Is your home is a little smaller than expected? Give us a call to help you out with some personal storage solutions.


Happy house-hunting!

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