Now we know that home security isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we say “summer”, but it’s an important thing to consider. According to the FBI, home burglaries go up in excess of 10% in the summer months! What’s the reason behind this spike in criminal activity? Firstly, summertime is peak vacation season. The more homes left unattended, the more opportunity for theft and vandalism, even in the most gated, sheltered communities. More teens are out of school and looking for entertainment, legal and otherwise. In general, heat makes us all cranky and tired, leading to an overall increase in crime, not just petty theft.

So what can you do to protect your home and your belongings this summer? A full home security revamp is obviously ideal, especially if you’re taking a trip this summer, but if you’re looking for a few quick fixes, we’ve got your covered.  In general, practicing common sense is the best way to go when it comes to home security, so practice simple caution in addition to these tips!

1: Designate a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house and look out for suspicious activity, whether your taking a vacation or are simply out for longer hours in the summer months.

2: Refrain from posting your travel plans on social media. Thieves are known to check out the Instagram feeds of people in their neighborhood to get a feel for the best time to make a move.

3: Ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail while your away to prevent telling buildup.

4: Invest in deadbolts for exterior doors. Yes, they’re costlier than simple latch-locks, but are way more reliable and durable.

5: Keep your yard open and visible. Have really tall bushes that obscure the entrances to your home? Bad idea. Those make great hiding spots for thieves.

6: Install a home security system. It doesn’t have to be super-complex, just visible and effective enough to ward off the baddies. Here’s a really cost-effective do-it-yourself system from SimpliSafe. At the very least, pick up a fake video camera or dummy security system. Just the look of a security system is enough of a deterrent.

7: Check out the app store for really cool home security programs that can save you hundreds of dollars: our favorites are Ivideon, Alfred, and Presence.

8: Move important and valuable items to storage. It may feel more reassuring to have your valuables on hand, but in reality, they’re 10x safer in a secure self-storage unit. 

9: Do a quick check of all your windows, side doors, garage doors, and cellar entrances. Are they all securely locked? Are they easily breakable? Can a 10-year-old access it?

10: Consider getting a dog – really! Studies show that dog owners experience a less than a quarter of the average home owner’s break-in incidents. Even a small dog (with a big bark!) is enough to ward off burglars.



Have any extra tips for our readers that we didn’t share here? Please tell us in the comments! Have a happy, safe, and secure summer!

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