Hi Proguard Fans! This week, we’re talking quirky storage ideas for all the other areas of your home – not just your kitchen! By now, you’re kitchen is Martha Stewart-level organized, and you’re ready to conquer the rest of your home’s clutter. Some of our readers asked us: why the interest in home organization? What makes a storage company so intent on helping people get their junk in order?

To that, we always say: here at Proguard Storage, we’re always meeting with people who happily tell us how happy they are that  they’ve FINALLY gotten around to putting their stuff in order. Clutter-free at last, these visitors feel so liberated and accomplished. We want to help the thousands of junk-owners in our area experience that same feeling. Our personal storage units become little shrines to their owners, a symbol of them taking the initiative to get their homes – and their lives – in order.

…and to help you accomplish this, here’s a super-fun, easy list of some quirky home storage ideas that will get you feeling spic-and-span in no time!

Keep bobby pins and small metal beauty tools within reach and in one place by attaching magnetic strips inside mirrors.



Keep those pesky board game pieces in a Ziploc bag and staple it to the back of the gameboard – then hang the boards for a cute, quirky, smart storage solution!


Organize your in-and-out mail in these pretty, DIY mail buckets.


Keep hair tools – or anything else really – in magazine holders. These units are crazy versatile!


Your perfume bottles are little works of art – show them off on an easy, cheap spice rack!


This is brilliant. Cut the tops off soda bottles to store flats in . So quick, cheap, and effective!


Have any amazing home storage ideas that we missed? Send them our way! Until then, let us know in the comments which of these ideas inspired you the most!


*images courtesy of www.diyncrafts.com.

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