The Houston heat can be unforgiving. New to the area? Ask anyone who’s been here a while and they`ll tell you that it’s persistent, and at times, very intense.

It’s no secret that the heat can affect our day-to-day lives in Houston. One must consider it can also affect our belongings a great deal. Luckily, Proguard Storage offers climate controlled units to address this issue.

Have you ever had one of your records melt? What about wine? Have you ever had a beautiful bottle become destroyed because of the climate? Well, if you have – you already will see the value in our climate controlled units. If you’ve never personally fallen victim to mother nature’s upper register, let us fill you in on some items of yours that may be at risk.


Items Which Require Climate Controlled Storage



Antique and designer furniture, specifically made from wood or leather should be kept in climate controlled settings. These can easily be damaged by fluctuations in temperatures as well as humidity.



climate controlled storage

Source: (This used to be a horse!)


Paintings, especially oil paintings, can easily be damaged by the elements. If you have valuable pieces – be they be valuable in dollar or sentimental amounts – , they should not be stowed away in an attic or basement. Keep them in a climate controlled unit to maintain quality and value.



wine storage

Most enthusiasts know that wine requires a VERY specific climate in order to age properly and remain intact. We have specialty wine cellars made for this precise purpose.


Our unit features the following to ensure your wine ages properly:


  • Icynene® closed-cell insulation blocks air and moisture
  • Four wine storage refrigeration units keep your collection at a precision-controlled 54-57°F
  • A separate set of humidifiers monitor and maintain the humidity at a relative 58-65%
  • Temperature data is tested and logged every 30 minutes
  • Built-in redundancy prevents sudden climate changes
  • Natural gas backup generator provides uninterrupted power in case of an outage
  • Climate data and history logs are displayed on your online dashboard


You can learn more about our wine storage here.



Though the materials and build of instruments vary a great deal, most will require climate controlled storage. Take for example, guitars. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t expose your instrument to any climate you wouldn’t like to be in yourself. Fluctuations in humidity and temperature can wreak havoc on your instrument. Check out this helpful guide here.



self storage

Have you ever picked up two photos and they are a tiny bit stuck together but come apart? Picture this at a large scale in Houston in the middle of the summer. Your photos don’t stand a chance! Heat is an enemy to photos. If you have any printed photos you hold near and dear — keep those memories alive by storing them properly in a climate controlled unit.



Humidity even more so than heat can be a major enemy to any electronic device. Custom sound systems and home theatres can be demolished by a humid climate. Heat can also melt plastics on electronics if conditions are extreme.


The above are just some of many items which should be properly cared for with a climate controlled storage unit.
Luckily for you we have 6 locations (and soon to be 7!) across the Houston area ready to protect and store your valuables. Whether you are storing for your business or yourself, Proguard Storage has the climate controlled self storage solution for you. Learn more here.

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