Proguard Storage

Okay, so you have your amazing, climate-controlled storage space with Proguard now. Great! Now, let’s get it organized.

Here are some tips to help you organize your new storage space:



Yes, this one might be pretty obvious but it’s easy to get lazy and try to go without. Be sure to label each and every box on the top AND the side! Mark boxes you think you will probably be accessing often so you can spot them more easily with tape, paint or some other special marker.

Plan a layout

This is especially important if you plan on visiting your storage space often. You’ll need to organize your space strategically to ensure that the items you’ll be reaching for more often are in the front and on the top

Consistent box sizes

Why use boxes that are all the same size? They’re more easily stackable and accessible. In fact, you’ll want to avoid bigger boxes – though the extra room may be tempting, these boxes aren’t as sturdy as smaller boxes and are difficult to remove if you need something out of them.

Master contents list

Though initially seeming quite tedious, a master contents list is a must. List out the contents of each box, with the box number, in one place. This way, when you need something very specific, you know exactly where it is and won’t have to search through a million boxes to find it.

You might need a bigger space

Tried all of these tips but are still having a hard time fitting everything in strategically? You’re realizing you have more and more to store away? It might be time to invest in a bigger space. Our storage space calculator can help you figure out what size space you need depending on how many and what type of belongings you have to store.


These steps are small but mighty and well worth the effort. No storage space yet? Learn more about Proguard Storage solutions here.


-The Proguard Team

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