Feeling the tickle of a slight breeze in Houston yet? Fall is just around the corner. The autumn season is a time of change – change of weather, change of scenery and change of routines. It makes sense that a lot of people use the transitioning of seasons to make a push in their own lives for change or self-improvement.


If you’re looking for a ‘refresh’ button in your life – we’ve got your back. Out with the old, in with the new – here are some of our tips for making a positive change in your life this month.


7 ways to freshen up your life this fall:


Try out a new recipe

Have your eating habits fallen into a predictable pattern of green smoothies, sandwiches and iceberg lettuce salads this summer? A great way to change up your life is to change up your eating habits. Visit a health food or produce store you’ve never visited before, and introduce yourself to new ingredients!

Check out delish.com’s list of 72 easy fall dinners if you could use some recipe inspiration.

Create a fall playlist

Listening to the same old soundtrack you listened to all summer? We think it’s time to create a new playlist and discover some new music. As humans, it’s important that we are always presented with new stimuli to keep feeling inspired and creative.  A study by Canadian researchers suggests that listening to new music is actually proven to be good for your brain – listening to a new song can actually activate the ‘reward’ centre of your brain, similar to when you eat a good meal.


Pick up a new daily habit

Make a commitment to add 15 minutes to your day, every day, to do something different. This can be a journal entry, such as writing about at least one nice thing about your day, every day. A nice thing can be a stranger smiling at you or seeing a pretty garden on your way home from work. Or maybe your 15 minutes can be taking a moment to make someone else feel good by smiling at THEM or taking notice of something considerate they may have done. You can also take a mere 15 minutes to do a simple workout or meditation in the comfort of your room and  reap the benefits of those compounded 15 minutes over time. The world is your oyster.

Get rid of the old in your home

Let’s face it – your living room can definitely use a little bit of rearrangement and a little less clutter. First, visit your local storage space – you know there’s more than a few treasures taking up space in your home that would be better off in storage.

Visit your local thrift store

After you’ve cleaned up a little, then comes the fun part – visit your local thrift store!  Just a small painting or table top knick knack can make a BIG difference in the appearance of your home while making only the slightest dent in your wallet.

Get a new gig

It may just be time for you to quit your job and find something new. However,  if it’s not, you can still spice up your work without making that drastic of a change. You can challenge yourself by asking for different projects at work and bigger responsibilities. Have you considered picking up a gig after hours or on the weekends? In addition to being a great source of extra cash, casual gigs provide much needed new stimuli and access to opportunity. Doing the same thing month by month gets old but there are ways to keep things fresh!

Change your hangouts

We know it can become easy and comfortable to continue visiting your favorite local diner that you already know you LOVE but it’s always good to discover new hidden gems. Make the effort to schedule an outing at a place you’ve never visited before but have always wanted to.  It can be a new restaurant, a new live-music venue, or simply a new park you’ve never been to before.


Variety is the spice of life and fall is just the right time to add that spice to your life. What are you waiting for? Check out our locations for more information on a Proguard near you!


Happy Fall!


-The Proguard Team

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