Summer is coming to an end. Insert crying face emoji here, right? Instead of counting down the days until it’s over, why not create an end of summer bucket list? Make the last days of summer count by doing things you’ve always wanted to do! We made a list that will help kick-start your bucket list. Most importantly you can do any of these things right in your hometown!


 Summer 2019 Bucket List:


1. Watch the Sunset. Summer sunsets are spectacular, so before it ends go on a solo, BFF (human or fur-form), or romantic mini adventure with someone you love. Plan out a hike and make the goal be the view. Turn off your phone and take it all in!


2. Go to a Baseball Game. Baseball games were made for the summer. If you haven’t been to one this season, what are you waiting for? Even if you’re not a fan of sports events, just go! Go with a group of your closest friends, sit in the cheapest seats you can find. And don’t forget to get a hot dog and an ice cold beer!


3. Summer BBQ. Have one last summer BBQ and host a backyard movie screening. You can turn this into a themed event! Let your friends bring a movie-themed food or drink. For instance, watch Dirty Dancing and make watermelon margaritas!


4. Summer Cleaning. I know you don’t want to think about cleaning and summer in the same sentence. But trust us, it’ll make things easier. Think about putting your summer appliances into storage! Proguard also offers storage for your boat or RV.


-The Proguard Team

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