Holiday storage tips


The Holiday Season is officially upon us, if you count Halloween, which lets be honest, we all do! Summer decorations are a breeze, but when it comes to fall and winter, just the thought of untangling strand after strand of twinkle lights is enough to make anyone throw in the towel. Luckily, Texas’ Proguard self storage facilities has some super smart hacks to help make decor organization a snap.


  • Wrap Lights Around Cardboard to Avoid Tangling


Easy, cheap, and semi-genius, this hack will save you from the dreaded twinkle light tangle.  Simply grab a piece of flat cardboard, wrap a strand of lights around it, and tape the end to the board.  Want to take this hack to the next level? Wrap each piece of light-wrapped cardboard with plastic wrap to prevent any accidental shifting.


  • Egg Cartons and Plastic Cups For Ornament Organization


Egg cartons offer easy storage and protection for those fragile ornaments. Simply place each ornament in the individual egg spot, et voila! For larger ornaments, you can use clear, plastic cocktail cups to store and protect your items. Place a piece of sturdy cardboard between layers, and stack and stack and stack!


  • Bins and (Clean) Trash Cans For Large Item Storage


That giant spider decoration you’ve got in the front yard is spooky and matches the inflatable ghost perfectly. But when it’s time for the ghouls to come down, and the turkeys to go up, where do you store everything?! Large bins, and even plastic trash cans make ideal storage for bigger holiday items that deserve just as much care as smaller, more fragile decor. By putting them neatly into individual containers, you’ll ensure organized and headache-free decorating for next year! For bonus points, label each bin with duct tape and a sharpie for easy identification.


  • Climate Controlled Self Storage at ProGuard


Alright, you’ve got everything neatly tucked away and organized so precisely even Martha Stewart would be impressed.  Keep everything safe and sound in Proguards climate controlled self storage units. Our self storage properties boast bright facilities protected by electronic security gates and video surveillance with onsite property managers. Our Houston self storage units are protected by “Enforcer” cylinder locks and individually alarmed storage units.  Self storage units are available in every size—as small as 4.9′ x 5′ or as big as 13′ x 50′.


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