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From Texas storage rental facilities to a world-class zoo, Houston has it all. There’s plenty to do for both locals and tourists alike, with outdoor activities, museums and climate control storage units for user convenience. After you meet your Texas storage rental needs at a premium storage location like Proguard Storage, take time to get out and enjoy what H-town has to offer:

1. The Menil Collection

This collection is a compilation of art from Jean and Dominique de Menil.It includes tribal, Byzantine, antiquity, medieval and 20th-century art including contemporary pieces by like Mark Rothko. It’s a serene place to see some great art — and best of all, it’s free.

2. Houston Zoo

See several thousand animals including cheetahs, giraffes, bats, otters and rare albino reptiles. The zoo’s admission is affordably priced and offers a climate-controlled Wildlife Carousel near the Children’s Zoo.

3. The Holocaust Museum  

This museum pays tribute to the victims of this tragedy, allowing a glimpse inside the camps and describes some resistance attempts.

4. Buffalo Bayou

The Bayou is a 52-mile waterway used for all manner of fun outdoor recreation. Canoe, kayak or take a boat tour.

5. Minute Maid Park

This park is the home of the Houston Astros, the city’s Major League Baseball team.

Texas storage rental facilities and climate control storage units help you clear the clutter and streamline your life. Texas storage rental is the priority of Proguard Storage, the storage unit Texas trusts. After you stash your stuff, get on out and enjoy the city. Oh, and don’t forget treat yourself to some Tex-Mex — Houston offers an abundance of muy excelente Texas-Mexican fusion cuisine.

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