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Recently, we’ve seen a larger than normal influx of out-of-towners moving to Houston. These new members of the community are not limited to, but include, college graduates and entrepreneurs.

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So, what’s causing this influx? Many different factors. Let’s take a look at some interesting stats and reasons below:

1. The economy – The current GDP ranking for Houston, Texas is fourth in the country. Out of the top 10 US metros, Houston is growing the fastest. That means, Houston is Growing faster than NYC, LA, and twice as fast as Chicago.

2. Jobs – Along with economic growth and prosperity comes a growing job market. This is one of the reasons Houston has been such a hot spot for college graduates. The employment rate in Houston is currently at an all time high!

3. Diverse market – Not only is the job market in Houston booming, but it’s booming in many different industries! that being said, Houston has been able to foster careers for people from all over the world working in industries of all kinds.

4. Affordability – While the market continues to grow, general costs of living remain affordable. This makes Houston a preferred destination to places such as San Francisco and New York City, where the costs of living are astronomical.

Those moving to Houston will want to take advantage of our climate controlled self storage units to keep their belongings safe during the transition, and potentially after. Get in touch today, and have a great move!

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