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It’s a scorcher out there – and when we say scorcher, we mean eggs-on-the-sidewalk, melted hangers in the car, heat rising from the sidewalk hot.

Yeah, yeah, we know summer is all about family time and getting out to experience the outdoors, but let’s be real: once in awhile, we need a brief escape from the blazing sun.

In the interests of providing our kids/friends/loved ones a good time without passing out of dehydration, we turn to good ol’ indoor entertainment. We don’t’ mean run-of-the-mill bowling alleys either! Houston is chock-full of fun, thrilling, and (often) kid-friendly attractions sure to distract everyone from those sunburns (TOLD YOU they needed SPF 50!)

So strap the kids in the backseat, avoid the hot metal of the seatbelt at all costs, and enjoy one of these Houstonian gems!


1: Escape the Room Texas

There’s always one know-it-all in every group. Give them the chance to show off those wits! You and your party will have an hour (or so) to decipher mind-bending clues and hints to find the exit of this immersive experience!


2: Speedy’s Fast Track

Looking for some fast-paced thrills? Check out Speedy’s Fast Track. What with go-karting, arcades, mini golf, laser tag, and more, all in one location, you’re basically guaranteed a full day of fun without leaving the building more than once or twice.


3: iFly Indoor Skydiving

Now this is an experience you’ll NEVER forget. It’s your turn to feel the rush of skydiving without the fear of planes! You may think this is just for adults, but iFly takes little adventurers up in the air starting at age 3!


4: Houston Roller Derby

#Throwback! Watch the skaters compete in a nostalgic derby, with championship games rocking and rolling on various dates throughout the summer. Visit their site to learn more about getting tickets to these “wheely” fun events!


5: Battlefield Houston

This ain’t your parent’s laser tag arena! Battlefield Houston sports the largest indoor tactical battlefield in the entire U.S! With a variety of missions for you and your party to experience, this activity truly never gets old. Speaking of age, 8 years old is the minimum, so go crazy!


And of course, you can always escape the heat at our climate-controlled storage facility! Let us know in the comments which of these haunts is your favorite! Got any other amazing indoor activities to share?

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