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Love sucks.

It’s messy, confusing, expensive-and also the most incredible thing ever. Sigh.

For those of us who haven’t found it yet, look on the bright side! Singlehood has its joys: sweatpants and ice cream in bed, no obligatory shopping trips, spending all your money on an Xbox because you just WANT IT…the list goes on and on.

But singlehood can be a drag if you’re the only one doing it. Hey, it’s always fun to eat cheese out of a can and binge Stranger Things, but slightly less so when you’re doing it alone. And how many engagement photo shoots can you like on Facebook before you want to delete your profile and move into a cave?  If you’re sick of third-wheeling, there’s a really simple solution: find some more singletons to hang out with!

There’s a huge variety of neighborhoods in Houston that are perfectly suited to singles looking to catch a break from uber-familial community living. Here’s a list we pulled together of the most single-suited areas in our native Houston.These neighborhoods are a haven for the footloose and fancy-free!


Downtown Houston is right in the center of all the action you could ever want: think sports venues, theaters, events in Market Square Park, and more! Downtown offers unique apartment rentals, great job opportunities, and public transportation throughout.


Midtown Houston is the socialite’s playground. This area attracts hundreds of young professionals looking to blow off some steam: we’re talking CRAZY nightlife. If you’re young, single, and ready to mingle, this is the perfect area to pitch a tent and have the time of your life!














Think Boho chic. The Montrose area of Houston is super community-oriented and inclusive, without ever pushing the “Why no kids?” agenda. The blooming culture, world-famous restaurants, and incredible shopping make Montrose a singleton’s dream spot.



While River Oaks is definitely a bit more classic-Houston, it’s also just west of the action of Montrose: get all the excitement, but a quick drive later you’re back in your tree-lined neighborhood. River Oaks is ideal for nature enthusiasts, what with the beautiful Memorial Park jogging and bike trails, as well as breathtaking views from most apartments.














This area’s truly got the best of both worlds: where else can you find gritty street culture plus the  elegant Sonoma Wine Bar on the next corner? Everything is located in walking distance, the area is young and fun, and real estate is pretty cheap. Life doesn’t get better than this!


So for all the singletons out there, you’re truly not alone! These incredible areas offer exciting nightlife, easy commutes, amazing real estate, and so many more reasons to be single and lovin’ it. Happy Valentines Day, you crazy thing!

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