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This year marks the 10th anniversary of Houston’s iconic Wine & Food Week. The event brings in wine experts and culinary masterminds from around the world.

Held June 2-8, the fabulous affair will feature events with more than 500 wines, 50 restaurants, and a vast collection of craft beers and gourmet food. It’s the largest wine and food event from New Orleans to Aspen.

Throughout the magical week, you’ll experience exceptional wine tastings and pairings, including a VIP wine walk. This time of year is also perfect to make wine purchases. Lucky for you, our wine storage facility is up and ready to go.

Our new facility boasts multi-layer security with UV protection. It’s the ideal environment for safeguarding your valuable wine collection that you pick up from the week long festival.

The specialty wine storage is located at our new location in the Museum District. Stop by and drop off your wine cases today!

If you are in the need of storage, learn more about our storage locations in the Houston, Texas area on our website.

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