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Whether you have just moved to Houston, or you are simply trying to get your home town a little better, there are so many great areas that you can visit. If you still haven’t unpacked everything, or you are waiting for the move-in date on a new home while living in an apartment to move your belongings, we recommend that you find a climate controlled self storage space in Houston, which will give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.

Once you have that business squared away, take a tour of Houston’s Museum District to see what the types of museums and attractions the area has to offer you.

1. Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Just blocks away from the Houston Zoo, the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston features world-famous artists as well as local, regional and state contributors. Audio guided tours and family tours are available daily, and admission is always free for this not-for-profit organization.

2. The Houston Zoo. A visit to the Houston Zoo is highly educational and a joyful experience, regardless of age. Located in Hermann Park on 55 acres of land, the zoo houses more than 6,000 animals.

3. The Houston Museum of Natural Science. This attraction in the Museum District is full of features so interactive that it feels like a wonderland. But it is a wonderland based on science and properties that scientists and guides enthusiastically explain. Visit the Planetarium, the IMAX Theatre and the Cockrell Butterfly Center and many permanent areas that focus on physics, astronomy and other basic sciences.

4. The Holocaust Museum Houston. Dedicated to educating visitors about the Holocaust, its aftermath and its legacy, the Holocaust Museum Houston commits to teaching about the all-consuming nature of bigotry, racism and hatred to commemorate the lives of those lost as well as the survivors.

5. The Jung Center of Houston. For devoted followers of philosophy, particularly followers of Carl Jung and his analytical psychology. Classes and tours are available at the Center.

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