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Thinking of making the move to Austin but need a little convincing? We’re happy to give you the gentle nudge you need.


Here are some of the top 5 reasons to move to Austin, Texas:


1. Food

Think Austin is the only Texas city for foodies? Think again. Houston is also abundant in food trucks, Tex-Mex, and new cuisines. Houston’s got the grub.


2. Cost of living

Compared to other metropolitan areas, Houston is actually pretty affordable! Did you know that there’s no state income tax in Houston? Or that energy costs are fairly competitive due to fewer regulations than other states?

If you want the city lifestyle without the city price, Houston’s a winner.


3. Nature

Houston move

Love to go for runs in the outdoors or have picnic dates? Memorial Park is one of the largest parks in the United States and it’s located right here in Houston.


4. Affordable homes

If you’re looking to settle down and buy a home, Houston is a great pick. Houston is a huge city and the housing market within Houston is broad.

You can find a home on almost any budget.


5. Booming job market

Looking for a job? You’re in luck. Home to many companies’ headquarters, Houston has one of the most rapidly expanding job markets in the country. Due to loose zoning laws, businesses are able to open up shop all over the city – and they’re hiring!

Some of the top industries in Houston are the energy, aerospace and aviation, distribution, manufacturing and life sciences industries.


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-The Proguard Team

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