Top 5 Summer Day Trips From Houston

For those of us living in Houston, we know why it’s a great city. But even with all the great activities, there are plenty of other great things to do only a short distance away from home. As you know, there is nothing that’s more fun during the summer than a day trip with family or friends. If you are ready for a day trip but need some ideas as to where you should go, here are our recommendations for the top 5 day trips from Houston.

1. Railean Rum Distillery

Although the days of Prohibition are well behind us, many Texans still get a smile on their face when they think back to the moonshine days. If you want to relive a bit of the past and taste some of the finest rum, vodka, and whiskey made in Texas, take a day trip to Railean Rum Distillery. Located in San Leon, the distillery not only offers visitors tastes of its various spirits, but also gives tours that demonstrate the distilling, aging, and bottling process.

2. Sam Houston National Forest

Located only 50 miles from Houston, the Sam Houston National Forest is a great day trip for those who love the outdoors. Once there, you can either hike or ride your mountain bike along the Lone Star Hiking Trail, which offers year-round access and has a reputation for never being overcrowded. With numerous creeks, streams, and rivers located there, you’re sure to have a spectacular day.

3. Austin

If you are up for a two-hour drive to the state capital of Austin, you can take your pick of many fun activities. If you want a more leisurely day trip, you can arrive and then head to Lady Bird Lake in Zilker Park, where you can rent a boat and paddle around while enjoying a cool breeze. However, if you are a music fan, you may want to check out Austin’s downtown music scene. Featuring numerous clubs where blues, rock, and country artists perform, you never know who you might catch giving a performance.

4. Blessington Farms

If you are looking for a true family-friendly outing where you can arrive home with some great food to eat, take a day trip to Blessington Farms. Considered a hidden gem just outside of Houston, visitors can spend the day picking their own fruits and vegetables. Always a real hit with kids, it’s a great place to visit if you and your family want to learn more about farming and other aspects of nature and the environment. Best of all, Blessington Farms is well-known for its annual summer crop of strawberries, which like everything else you can pick and then take home with you to eat.

5. NASA Space Center

If you, someone in your family, or your group of friends happens to love everything associated with space exploration, then a day trip to the NASA Space Center is highly recommended. Offering a variety of activities, it’s hard to know what to do first. However, if you’re like most visitors, you’ll visit the Starship Gallery Artifact Museum, where you can actually touch a moon rock. Along with this, if you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be an astronaut, you can find out by taking a turn in the lunar orbiter simulator.

The Proguard Team

If you happen to be new to Houston and are ready to take one or all of these day trips, finish storing your various items by renting a storage unit from us here at Proguard. Afterward, you’ll be ready to set out and start exploring all Houston and the surrounding area have to offer.

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